New England Glycol & Engineering

A Division of ClearWater Industries

Engineering Services

Our team is capable of an array of different projects such as, consultations, reporting, repairs, inspections, and more. We are able to report our findings and give recommendations accordingly, with the ability to preform the job in a time efficient manner.

New Construction

Our OSHA safety certified team is more than capable to help on your next construction project. Allow us to be your water treatment consultants to help design and install the right equipment you need to keep the system running at peak efficiency; or have us come in for the finish work of domestic water sanitizations and the pre-cleaning of hydronic systems to prepare them for treatment.


ClearWater is capable of providing a wide range of Cleaning and Disinfecting Services. We specialize in Cooling Tower Disinfections for seasonal start up and regular maintenance. We act as the first line of defense for Plugged and Fouled Heat Exchangers, along with Chemical Cleanings of existing Hydronic Systems to improve flow and efficiency.

Glycol Services

We specialize in the addition of glycol at any location, big or small. We are able to deliver and preform the additions, along with proper filtration, laboratory analysis, and volume studies.

Glycol Product Line:

Safe-T-Therm HD

Safe-T-Therm AL

Safe-T-Therm GRAS

Introducing New England Glycol: A Division of ClearWater Industries

The team at ClearWater Industries created this division in 2019 to better streamline and improve service and quality for our customers.

We have a dedicated staff to improve availability and widen our team's capabilities. Our employees are OSHA Certified and ready to work - we do it all!

NEG Truck


  • Industrial Grade Propylene Glycol
  • Enhanced Corrosion Inhibitor Package
  • High Demand Applications
  • Dyed Orange
  • Temperature Range: -50 degrees to 325 degrees F


  • Industrial Grade Propylene Glycol
  • Aluminum Safe, Multi Metal Corrosion Inhibitor Package
  • Aluminum Secondary and/or Combination HVAC Systems
  • Aluminum Boilers or Aluminum Parts
  • Dyed Fluorescent Yellow
  • Temperature Range 50 degrees to 225 degrees F


  • USP Grade Propylene Glycol
  • FDA Approved Corrosion Inhibitors
  • FDA Approved as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)
  • NSF Approved as HT1
  • Systems where Incidental Food or Potable Contact is Possible
  • Dyed Orange
  • Temperature Range: -50 degrees to 230 degrees F

Seth Bader

Project Manager & Estimator

Seth has over 10 years of in-field experience and is very knowledgeable about the Industrial Water Treatment business. His personality and ability to get the job done has allowed him to maintain and build upon our relationships with our customers. Seth is continuously applying his knowledge of everchanging technology to ensure our customers are receiving the latest and greatest water treatment has to offer. He is an asset to the ClearWater team and looks forward to working with you!